Thomas Cram- bass Florian Lassnig- violin Patrick Simoens- vocals, guitar Melanie Schwarz- cello Derek Helps- guitar Tyler Martens- drums    

From the humble beginnings of acoustic sets in coffee shops to house concerts and festival stages, Manitoba's own Lakes and Pines continue to defy genres and boundaries while bringing listeners along for the journey. Whether it's an acoustic duo, trio set or the full band, you can almost feel the seasons change through the eclectic collection of songs performed.


2017 marked the release of their first full-length album "Peace Comes at Last". The dynamic compositions bring a powerful narrative to the forefront with nature and the human condition prevalent throughout the 11 tracks of this debut. The acoustic roots of each song are woven with ambient guitars, diverse rhythms and a strong string section providing listeners with a wealth of warm tones.

Poetic lyrics, acoustic melodies and masterful storytelling. Manitoba’s Lakes and Pines are everything you’d expect from an indie folk quintet – and so much more. Filling out their sound with cascading strings and arresting vocals, they take you on a musical journey through time, space and your own thoughts.

Folksy, rocking, with deep and thoughtful lyrics – “Peace Comes at Last” is a terrific and confident first album from a group that I very much hope will experience a long and successful career.

Be advised, though: the group’s music is not for the absent-minded listener.  Songs like “Boy Scout Jamboree” and “Big Change Coming” can provoke some rumination (or they should); the album will leave you thinking deep thoughts whilst simultaneously appreciating the musical package in which they are wrapped.

​The Lakes and Pines sound is a fully realized, comfortable soundscape, led by singer/songwriter Patrick Simoens’ gentle acoustic melodies and hushed, lilting alto. The songs are fleshed out by ethereal string crescendoes, atmospheric electric guitar … and pinned down by a solid, fluid rhythm section.

As their name suggests, nature is a dominant theme in the music Lakes and Pines creates — either literally, in songs such as Winter Storm and the Land of Lakes and Pines, or more subtly in the expansiveness and organic feel of their compositions.

Lakes and Pines are the perfect balance of complex and accessible. The nature/peace theme resonates so well with the tempo and ambience; each song packs a massive amount of depth. The players are all so immersed in their craft and contribution to the songs that you find new treasures every time you focus on the parts instead of the whole.

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Lakes and Pines are an excellent addition to any prairie festival.  Poetic lyrics about elements people understand coupled with a capturing rhythm build the experience we want to give our audience.  Each song tells a story you must hear the end of and include instrumental build-ups that keep an audience engaged. They are a draw to any event we hold and we are very proud to showcase Manitoba musicians who warm your heart on the coldest of winter days.

Jocelyn Unrau

Chairperson at Back 40 Folk Festival 2013

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